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Chicago is an international hub for many different business fields. This is why it is a great place for anyone who wants to start up his own business as there are many business opportunities.  So whether you are looking forward to opening a restaurant, a store, a car dealership, a pressure washing company or any other kind of business, Chicago is a great place where your business can be quite a success. Apart from the location of the city, there is another factor that helps it in becoming an amazing field for different businesses, it is the economy of the city. The City of Chicago is the 3rd largest gross metropolitan product in the states at approximately 500 billion dollars. It comes right after Los Angeles and NYC. The city was also rated as an economically balanced city due to the high level of diversification. This is why Chicago was named the 4th most important business center in the entire world. On top of that, the metropolitan area of Chicago has the biggest number of expanded and new corporate facilities in the states. That lasted for 6 out of the 7 years starting in 2001 and ending in 2008.

Chicago Small Business Services

Among the many businesses featured on Selections Chicago, there are also some that offer services to small businesses.  Of those businesses, we have selected as our main provider for online video demonstration production. These explainer videos, as they are called, are an inexpensive and highly effective way in which to garner the interest of your clients online.

The Government of the City

The City’s government has two branches, a legislative branch and an executive branch. The chief execute is the mayor of the city who is elected through a general election and he stays in his office for 4 years without any limits. The commissioners as well as the other city officials are appointed by the mayor. The other two citywide officials that are also elected are the treasurer as well as the clerk.

As for the legislative branch, it has fifty council members, 1 elected from every ward in the city of Chicago. Any actions that are taken officially by the council will have to go through the ordinances and resolutions processes. The council is also the party responsible for approving the budget of the city.

During much of the second half of the nineteenth century, the politics in the city of Chicago were controlled by the Democratic Party organization.  Due to the dominance of the party, the primary vote held by the Democratic Party in the spring is usually the more significant vote when compared to the general elections in November for the Illinois State and US House seats.

Chicago Statistics

Chicago is the 3rd populous city in America, right after NYC and Los Angeles with its 2.7 million residents.  It is also the most populous city in the State of Illinois and the entire Midwest. As for the metropolitan area of the city of Chicago, which is referred to as Chicagoland, it is home to more than 9.5 million residents. Chicago is located in the seat of Cock Country and there is a small part of it that extends into another county, DuPage County.

Chicago was first made a city back in 1837 and it rapidly grew in the middle of the 19th century. Today, Chicago has become an international hub for industry, transportation, telecommunications, commerce and finance.  It is even Home to the 2nd busiest airport in terms of traffic around the world, the O’Hare International Airport.

The Climate of Chicago

Chicago is located within the humid continental zone and it experiences the four distinct weather seasons. The summers are humid and hot with an average of 75.8 F during July, in a normal summer, the temperature can surpass 90 F. The winters are usually snowy and cold with very few sunny days. As for autumn and spring, they come with extremely low humidity. Chicago’s highest temperate was 106 F, according to reports from the National Weather Service. Thunderstorms are also pretty common during the summer and the spring months. Chicago is also known for its windy weather, this is why the city is known as the Windy City.

Chicago Sports

Chicago was entitled the Best Sports city in the USA in 1993, 2006 and in 2010 by Sporting News. The city is the proud home to two of the biggest Baseball teams, the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs. The city is also the home of the Chicago Bears, which is 1 of the last 2 remaining charter members of the NFL and it has won 9 NFL championships and this includes the Super Bowl XX.

The Reasons to Hire Pressure Washing companies to clean Your Gas Stations

Chicago is the windy city, and the city has earned that nickname with merits because of the turbulent and windy weather, which brings all kinds of debris and dust to any property. When it comes to open properties like gas stations, where there are not any walls surrounding it, regular cleaning is advised. This is because when clients pass by the gas station and find it grimy and dusty, they will most likely skip it and go to the next one along the road, especially if they were looking forward to getting their car cleaned because if you can’t keep your own property clean, how would they trust you with cleaning their car. In addition, a clean and a well maintained working environment makes your business look professional. So basically, having your gas station pressure washed will help increase your businesses and make your station more successful.

This is why it is extremely essential to get the gas station cleaned. This does not only mean shoveling the dust away from the property, but it also includes cleaning the oil stains and the hot tire marks. Manual cleaning by the staff of the gas station is essential, but every once a while, you will have to get a professional pressure washing companies who specialize in pressure washing gas stations. This is because they have all of the needed tools and the experience that they need in order to take care of the stains and make sure that every part of the gas station is clean and dust free.

There are plenty of commercial pressure washing companies in the city of Chicago, so it should not be hard to find one that can offer you the service you need.  All you have to do is pick a company and call it to get an estimate. They will send a representative over who will check the condition of the gas station and he will estimate the amount of work that is needed, he will also take notes for any special requests or special parts of the gas station that you need cleaned, including the back offices and the manager’s office. It is important to specify that because the default only includes the gas station itself, so make sure to mention that so you can get an accurate estimate. After choosing a pressure washing company that fits the bill, you can sign a contract and make sure that the contract includes all the notes you mentioned as well as a clause that guarantees high quality work that is to your satisfaction.

One of the most acknowledged pressure washing firms in Chicago is a company that is family run by the Mologousis family, William Mologousis and Bill Mologousis. It is entitled Pressure Washing Systems. This Chicago company offers plenty of washing services. This includes gas station cleaning, fleet washing, personal and commercial property cleaning, graffiti removal services as well as parking garage cleaning services.


Epoxy Flooring – For more than Just your Garage

Epoxy flooring is the perfect kind of flooring for many areas around the house, especially the garage. A lot of people know that, but they believe that it is very expensive to be used in homes and that it was made for industrial plants and heavy duty car shops. Although there is some truth in this, as epoxy floors are the perfect fit for industrial plants and factories, it can also be used inside of homes and garages. If you come to think of it, using an epoxy floor can be expensive at first, but on the long run, it can be very cost effective.

The epoxy floors are highly resistant against almost every household chemical as well as a great variety of the chemicals that are used at mechanical and industrial plants. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any damage to the floor whenever a chemical is spilt on it. This high resistance to abuse and chemicals makes it the perfect type of flooring in many areas around the house, especially garage floor coverings as well as industrial plants.

Apart from the high resistance, the epoxy garage floor is very easy to clean and maintain with only soap and water. Whenever anything is spilt on the floor or if it looks rugged and dusty, a simple rinsing with water and soap will make the garage floor coverings look as good as new, as if you just installed them. This will help you save a lot of money since you will not have to hire any special cleaning services to clean it for you.

This kind of floor has gone a long way since their introduction to the market. At first, they came in one color and shape with no decorative value, this is why many people refrained from using it inside of their houses. Now, the epoxy floors come in modern designs that succeed in giving the flooring a great appearance, which made more people accept it as a finishing material for their indoor spaces inside of their houses. There are other more popular flooring solutions like marble, designed art concrete and granite, these materials are favored by architects and designers and they are usually the first choice when it comes to entrance halls and the floors of the living and dining areas. What most people do not know is that the epoxy terrazzo floors now have the ability to look as fabulous as marble and granite and they are even stronger and cheaper, especially for big areas. There is also another great advantage for using epoxy floors, this advantage is the fact that this kind of flooring can be customized to meet the needs of the different clients, this is something that is not applicable when it comes to other flooring materials that come with unchangeable technical, chemical and physical characteristics.

This is why epoxy floors are considered as one of the best flooring materials, whether for factories and plants or houses, and not only for the garages.



How to approach Deck Restoration

If you are a house owner and you have a pool deck where you are your family hang out, enjoy the breeze or even hold family gatherings and BBQs, then you know how important the deck is and the quality time that it gives your family. This is why it is essential that you maintain it in the proper way so you can ensure the integrity of its structure. This way, it can live longer to provide you and your family with quality and relaxing time, and so it does not collapse and cause unwanted injuries that can sometimes be fatal.

Taking care of the deck does not only include restoring it every decade or two, as the maintenance process includes regular washing, staining, refinishing and more. Cleaning the deck regularly with water and soap can clean its surface, but it will never go deep enough. This is why this simple rinsing task will not get rid of the embedded grime, dust and mildew in the fibers of the wooden deck. This is why pressure washing is the best course of action. Hiring a professional deck cleaning firm will be able to provide you with what you need. They will use water under pressure that can be mixed with cleaning chemicals in order to thoroughly clean the deck.

Deck staining is required in two cases, if you do not have a deck stain already because a stain will help the wooden deck live longer by protecting it from different elements including the sun rays as some deck stains come with a UV protection layer. The other case in which applying a deck stain is required when you start noticing cracks or the flaking of the current stain or finish.

When it comes to deck restoration, it is a very tough process that takes time and effort. This is why it is better to get a specialized deck restoration firm to do it for you. Therefore, the first step in the restoration process is hiring a firm. They will have the needed experience and the knowledge concerning the rules and the regulations that have to be followed in your local area.

It is always advised not to try and do the restoration yourself unless you have experience because the lack of experience and the lack of the proper tools can cause damage to the deck that can cost you hundreds of dollars, and you can even cause irreparable damage.

The first thing that they will do is check the state of the wooden deck. They might have to remove a few of the wooden planks in order to inspect what lies underneath. According to this examination, they will tell you the scope of the restoration needed. Some decks are so neglected that they have reached their breaking point and they will have to be removed completely before causing any accidents. Other decks might need a small restoration process, a few new wooden planks, deck refinishing the outer surface or fixing the waterproofing.










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